Have you heard of Fortytude?

Do you ever have one of the those days that something on the television catches your eye and stops you in your tracks?  That was me yesterday! 

While dodging the plastic sheets that continue to hang from the wall of the construction zone occurring in my house, and hoping not to skid on plaster remnants that litter the floor,  I was attempting to sneak into the bathroom to apply my daily war paint before work.  It was then that I walked by the television and heard a women’s voice talking about Fortytude.   What’s this I hear, someone actually talking about being forty….and not being worried about it? I’m curious now and lean in for more.  The interview unfolds and this woman Sarah Brokaw is speaking about her new book Fortytude.  She launches into a dialog that I soon become mesmerized by. She goes on to talk about the principles that can help women sail through their midlife years — more happily, with more accomplishments, and with grace and satisfaction. Sarah is also a graduate of Duke University. Go Duke Blue Devils! It wasn’t so much the fact that I could totally relate to what she was saying, but more so that she was actually saying it on live television!

I guess the thing is that as women tend to possibly focus on vanity and things of this nature as opposed to looking at how we made it here to begin with and just be happy with that.

Thinking back, one of my greatest moments I remember is having a boss say to me something along the line of  “You Da Man”.  At that moment I realize that the barriers were down and I was now being treated as one of the club members. You know…the boys club we all experience.  Never-the-less it was a defining moment for me that I will never forget.

Sadly, as women we’ve been prone to accept where exactly we fit into society due to our supposed rules and labels that are applied such as; experiencing the joys of motherhood, creating a traditional family, etc.  The real question is, “Would you do anything different”?  My own beliefs is that our knowledge and wisdom is formed the path it took to get where you are today and the encouragement from friends, family and loved ones.

Looking back one could ask if I feel as if I missed out in life as a result of not making the traditional family?  I guess that could be debated, but I say “I don’t think so”.  At forty-something, I love my job, career and recognize there is no way I could be as happy and satisfied as I am now without having made the choices I made along the way.  In memory of my father, I want to thank him for always being there to encourage me every step of the way of my life and career.  He was always the first one I called with good news and I recall the sound of his cheery voice exclaiming…”Oh yeah!  Good job Cyn, good job”.

About cdvisions

A New Yorker that has been enjoying the south for close to 30 years. Loves being creative and is always looking for fun outlets to share designs, art and all things beautiful.
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