Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

via Daily Prompt: Far From Normal.

christmas tree

christmas tree

Here are my six unique things about myself;
1. I am predominately left-footed!  Oddly the memory is still vivid in my mind of how this came to be.  I was in 4th grade and we were playing kick-ball during recess at ole’ Dana Lyon Middle School.  A thought occurred to me if I ran up to the ball and faked out the opposing team, I could kick will my left foot and fool them as to what direction the ball was going.  I played soccer throughout school and was a left wing…go figure!

2.  I am a “learned” extrovert
[I believe I read this sentiment in another blog…]   It was an interesting journey to discover that this was even possible.  One day I just decided to start-up conversations no matter where I was at and was pleasantly surprised that people were willing to converse.  It’s lead to a lot of interesting conversations and new friends throughout the world.

3.  I am registered in “expert” sharpshooter with the United States Army
Who’d of guessed?  Got 40 out of 41 precisely while in boot camp with a M-16 rifle.

4.  Aspired to be a professional cheerleader
I was sitting at the kitchen table as a teen-ager and cheerfully announced to my father that I thought I’d like to try out some day to be a professional cheerleader.  All I remember is my dad laughing.  Please understand my father never in his life said or did anything to discourage me from achieving my dreams, but he literally just thought this was ridiculous.  Reflecting back, I’m sure he wanted higher aspirations for me and couldn’t take this serious.  Never-the-less,  I always remember that this is something that could have been, and never let “anyone” tell me otherwise.  When I see or hear about Paula Abdul, as she achieved this, always reminds me of a path I may have taken.

5. I see “*” people
Growing up in upstate New York, we took our summer serious as they were far and few.  We also took our sun-bathing serious as well.  This lead to much down time and my first recollection of seeing shapes was in drifting clouds.  As time passed on I realized that I saw images and outlines in trees as well, tile, marble, stone, etc.  I must admit I’ve seen a lot of eyebrows raised and don’t tend to exclaim and point anymore.  In my “worldly” travels I embrace this as I think of it as a stories trying to be told.

6.  The final calling
I want to sell off all my belongings and be free to just travel and volunteer to those in need.  I sometimes day-dream about doing this and wonder if I’d have the courage to actually do it.

About cdvisions

A New Yorker that has been enjoying the south for close to 30 years. Loves being creative and is always looking for fun outlets to share designs, art and all things beautiful.
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3 Responses to Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

  1. Wow, your answer to the Challenge is more I teresting than your About page ( and that is pretty interesting). I’m having so much fun reading the entries for this Challenge!
    Greetings from Maryland.

    • cdvisions says:

      Thank You…that is very kind. Oddly a new friend of mine said something similiar to me yesterday. My inspiration for my About page came from
      Sarah Brokaw’s site “Fortytude”. Here is her About page if you are interested.

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