Daily Prompt: Nightmares

Daily Prompt: Nightmares.
Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

Egyptian Spider

Egyptian Spider

My nightmare is reocurring and almost always the same.  It starts out that I am walking alone in the middle of the night on side streets of a location I am not familiar with when suddenly I feel a sense of panic take over me.  At that moment I realize that I am lost and not in a safe area.  Dark shadows start appearing and slipping out from hidden areas and often times I am chased.  My eyes are darting all over attempting to assess where to go or which direction to turn.  It’s a horrible feeling and I typically wake up from it.
What I think this might mean is that I was heavily impacted by the scene from the movie “Ghost” where Patrick Swayze dies and he watches black shadows engulf the “bad guy”.  Outside of that, being a female I try to take as many standard precautions when traveling and it’s just an underlying fear of what could happen to me if I don’t.

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A New Yorker that has been enjoying the south for close to 30 years. Loves being creative and is always looking for fun outlets to share designs, art and all things beautiful.
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