Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says.
Signs. Funny, poignant, symbolic, incorrect, informative, foreshadowing…there are so many signs in the world.
By Cynthia Duke

Do Not Climb On The Rocks

Do Not Climb On The Rocks

I stumbled across this interesting sign at a tourist shop in route to visit the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.

You can see in the background that there are trees that have been cut up to show the how the wood inside became petrified.  Pretty cool stuff.

Call me crazy, but the hand crafted sign appears to indicate that a child is actually helping another child up “onto” the rock rather than the other way around.  If I was a young child, or one of my nephews, and couldn’t read… my little eyes might see this as an opportunity to explore.


About cdvisions

A New Yorker that has been enjoying the south for close to 30 years. Loves being creative and is always looking for fun outlets to share designs, art and all things beautiful.
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