Photo Booth

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Snapshot Stories.”

Cynthia Duke At the beginning of every school year  my mother would take us to the photo booth at Woolworths Drug Store in upstate New York.  I remember her digging through her change purse and handing us each a quarter.  She never asked for the photos or told us why she did this.  I’d like to think she wanted us to be creative or was simply finding ways to amuse ourselves.  I still have my entire collection and always found one in particular to be the most humorous.  I’ll always remember and cherish those moments of my youth and my mother providing these snapshots in time.

About cdvisions

A New Yorker that has been enjoying the south for close to 30 years. Loves being creative and is always looking for fun outlets to share designs, art and all things beautiful.
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  1. what a fun memory 🙂

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