Griffith Observatory.

FREE | Griffith Observatory
2800 East Observatory Road
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(213) 473-0800

How could anyone not enjoy this lovely place?  Spend the afternoon visiting  the observatory, viewing the famous Hollywood Sign and spectaular views.  This location was also known for movie sets for the famous James Dean movie, “Rebel Without a Cause” & “Ghost Busters”.   Additionally there is a beautiful bronze statue of James Dean on the property as well that is worth noting.

The obervatory resides on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood, overlooking the bustling city of Los Angeles and you can see for miles.  It’s easy to access and the drive up is by way of a lovely winding road overlooking walking/running trails.  The famous Hollywood Sign is right off in the distance and great for taking taking photos.

Hollywood Spotings:  If you are lucky you might spot a movie star or someone famous.  On my last trip I was walking through the parking lot and looked up and locked eyes with Cillian Murphy !  I had just watched him in the movie “Inception” less than a week ago with my nephews.

Photos:  Here are a few images I snapped while I was there:

Astronomers Monument

Monument | Spotlights Famous Astronomers

James Dean Statue

Statue | James Dean


Model taking a break during a photo shoot.


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