Hyde Park

Hyde Park | New York

Hyde Park is a beautiful area located in the eastern side of New York.  While this is easily accessible between Albany and New York City, this area is nestled amongst the Hudson River and the Catskill mountains in upstate New York.   Additionally it is also famous for the Hudson River School that produced fabulous landscape painters such as Thomas Cole and was also mentioned in the 1819 publication of Rip Van Winkle.

The main highlights that I suggest visiting are both the Vanderbilt Mansion and estate of Franklin Roosevelt.  Fall is one of the best times of the year as the experience is enhanced with the display of beautiful colors associated with the changing of the seasons.  Great for shutter bugs and rich with our nations history.

$$ | Vanderbilt Mansion
119 Vanderbilt Park Road
Hyde Park, NY 12538

Vanderbilt Mansion:  Experience a tour of the mansion along with the stunning gardens on the property.  See the life of Frederick and Louise Vanderbilt as the home is fully furnished and feels like stepping back in time.  I was most fascinated with the beauty and splendor of the interior as it reflected what I would consider tactful display of wealth.

Photos:  Here are a few images I snapped while I was there:


Hyde Park | New York

Hudson River

Hudson River

4097 Albany Post Road
Hyde Park, NY 12538

FDR Estate:  The gardens alone are worth viewing, but there is an entire estate to explore as well.  This is the home of the 32nd President of the United States.  Make sure and take the guided tourto immerse your self into the rich history and get the full experience.

The musuem was wonderful and full of treasures and many photographs along with personal photos of their successes and family life.

Photos:  Here is an image of the gardens:

Franklin D Roosevelt Estate

Franklin D Roosevelt Estate


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