Have Courage

The color red has been known to resemble courage.  It’s bright, bold and often times stands out amongst the masses.  Have you ever noticed it’s often used in films to make a subject or object stand out?  What gives you courage these days?  In midst of living our day to day lives, challenge yourself to be bold and stand out for what you believe.  Hold tight and forge ahead.  

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Positive Attitudes Matter

“Even a barren item can serve as a form of beauty.”

We have a daily responsibility to ensure that regardless of our circumstances we are always keeping a positive attitude.  One of the things that can be helpful with this is to realize that in the midst of whatever you’re going through, it’s important to give it time.  Don’t react or overreact to things, in the end it doesn’t help.  Most times you regret the actions or words that came out of the circumstances.  Most importantly share this with others and help guide them to a more stress free attitude.

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Southern Fall

The beauty that fall delivers is nothing less than spectacular .  Couple this with crisp mornings and beautiful scenery throughout the state .  What a great time to go outside and explore and visit the local parks . Here’s a link to access all the parks :  https://www.raleighnc.gov/parks

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Photo Op | July 4th Fireworks 

I’m going to try this year to take a few shots of the fireworks.  I was grateful to find the flooring article.


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Celebrate Good Times

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Celebrate Good Times.”

Giving balloons during a celebration is something I started doing recently.  It lingers on afterward and is a visual reminder and conversation starter.



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My Beautiful Oak Tree

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

This glorious oak tree stands alone in the middle of a field.  A housing development is slowly being built around it and at some point in time will be surrounded by homes.  I cherish these moments with all the seasons and hope in the future it will loved equally by others as well.

Oak Tree

This oak tree provides shade and beauty in the twilight hours.

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Photo Alterations 

I’ve always been fascinated with photography since I can remember, but recently I find myself wanting to create other printed matter.

This image represents a macro shot of a weed, which had a filter added to give a textured look and feel.  I love the illusion it provides and the ability to look at the image from a different perspective.

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